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You are a mouflon: encouraging truth against Christianity’s anti-humanism

Encouraging thought of the day: you are a mouflon.

Wikipedia tells me that the mouflon is the precursor to modern domesticated sheep. This majestic, wild creature was slowly changed by humans into the fluffy creatures we know today.

I bring this up because I’m so tired of Christians telling me that I’m a helpless little sheep in need of a shepherd.

I was at my parents’ church this Sunday, and the adult Sunday school class was going through Max Lucado’s Traveling Light, a study book based on the 23rd Psalm. You know, the famous one about the Lord as your shepherd.

I’m surprised at how anti-human this teaching is. Even more surprising I would have accepted it just a few years ago.

The whole chapter this week was about the “burden of self-reliance.” Continue reading