I’m just your average lifelong Christian/missionary/Jesus lover who decided to critically examine my faith and became and atheist. When I first deconverted I wrote several atheist parables. I always liked the parables of Jesus and found putting down my new thoughts in story form made them clearer.

I have shared my journey from Christianity to tentative atheism here. I was a fundamentalist for a while, then a college liberal Christian, then a fundamentalist again as I traveled to Africa and spent eight months trying to teach the people there about Jesus.

I share my encounters with atheism from the perspective of one who has studied the Bible quite a lot and invested great time and effort in seeking the Holy Spirit and learning to “hear” what God is saying to me. As it turned out, he wasn’t saying anything at all.

I go by The Physeter online, because right now I try to keep my blogging self separate from my real self.

I don’t need a thneed, I always expect the Spanish Inquisition, and I know exactly where my towel is.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. jgarcia421

    Not sure if this is a good place to post this, but I couldn’t find another way to contact you. I just read through your 3-part deconversion post and found it quite interesting. I have struggled with many of the same questions as you, yet our journeys have led us in different directions. Not necessarily because God revealing Himself to me in significant powerful ways. Really in more of a John 6:66-68 way, where a bunch of people start leaving Jesus and he asks the disciples if they are gonna bail too, to which they reply “Where else are we going to go?” Not as though it is as simple as there being no other option. I don’t have an amazing list of miracles and revelations that causes me to keep having faith. But I’ve got just enough to keep me going. Partly because there are significant questions that I not only can I not answer, but I think it does make logical sense to believe in a God. In addition, Jesus’ teachings *do* bring me life. The way he thinks and leads his disciples *is* different from some of the craziness we read even in the Old Testament. Of course, this kind of only brings up a ton of other questions, but it seems that’s the nature of life these days (get one question answered, but it leads to ten others that take years to answer, only to do the same thing with those).

    Anyways, I’m sort of rambling now. My intent on commenting here is not to try and “bring you back into the fold.” I actually just want to say that I appreciate your honesty. I know it’s not easy. And part of my wants to believe that God actually appreciates that too, however ironic that may be.

    I hope these words, at the least, offer a bit of encouragement to you. Even if our paths have ended up leading in a different direction, I sort of feel like they’re still running parallel (a little bit at least). Thanks again for your honesty and transparency. And don’t feel like you need to approve this comment. Feel free to email me back if you’d like to though.

  2. Rebel86

    I think you have just plagerized my life and consequent conversion into atheism. Who are you? I know I don’t have a twin out there.

  3. JoelJ

    “I questioned whether … I could really believe that the Holy Spirit is leading the Church. Even with divine help, this is all the better we get?”
    That was a key step in my deconversion. I even applied it to myself. I wondered why the Holy Spirit had had so little effect on me.
    My story is at http://www.mountaintrail.us/Wanderer/wonderings.htm. My email link is at the bottom of that page, and I’d love to get in touch with you. (I will protect your anonymity.)


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