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Atheist Parables: The Friendly Math Teacher

Welcome to my Atheist Parables series. In the tradition of Plato, Jesus, and Aesop, I will use stories and allegory to examine issues of faith, reality and reason.

According to the common Evangelical Christian narrative, God created all of us. He loves all of us. But all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Not just a few of us have sinned; we all have. If you break even one commandment, they say, if you’ve ever felt lust or stolen anything or lied, you are fully deserving of hell. It is only by God’s great grace that we have any hope of salvation at all.

But is his grace really that great? If God creates people who are unable to be perfect and then punishes them for not being perfect, is that truly praiseworthy? If a human being did that, it would look like this:

Most of the years I spent at the Allegory High private school was enjoyable, but I had the hardest time ever from my math teacher, Dr. Vincent. Continue reading